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 Each Orbi product is a complete package that comprises of one router and more satellite. It is not necessary that each router should be sold with satellite or extenders, it can be sold as a single unit or as a pack of two. For the general information of the client, it is necessary to know that each model of the Orbi kit starts with RBK (K=kit), and each router model starts with RBR (R=Routers), and last but not the least, each satellite model starts with RBS (S=Satellite). These appealing features will provide an umbrella of ‘WIFI- MESH” in your house and the amazing part is that it can provide these features with a single SSID (Wi-Fi name).

Workability of Orbi routers

All Orbi models are constructed of 3 bands with a speed of 2.4GHz and the other two with 5GHz capacities. Or used a term called ‘Backhaul’ which means transmitting a signal from a remote site to another site, it is usually a central one. This term stands for a high-capacity line, high-speed line, and high-bandwidth speeds. Some of the most popular and prevailing models of Orbi are RBK50, RBK42, RBK53, etc. They carry along with one router + one satellite and covers an area of 5000 sq. ft. coverage with 3000 Mbps speed and it can go up to 7500 sq. ft. area and 5000 Mbps speed. All the Orbi routers can work with any ISPs, you just need to connect the Orbi Routers with Modem.

   Know about Orbi Router & Satellite LEDs 

    Orbi WiFi Mesh System LED Descriptions-


  1. Solid Green-Power is on
  2. Solid Amber-The router or satellite is booting
  3. Blinking Amber-The Router or satellite is resetting to factory default settings
  4. Blinking Red-The Firmware is corrupted
  5. Off-Power is not supplied


  1. Pulsing White– Router is booting or Sync button pressed
  2. Off– Router is booted completely.
  3. Solid white– It’s resetting to factory default settings
  4. Solid magenta- The router cannot connect to the Internet. (Fix Now)


  1. Pulsing white-The satellite is booting.
  2. Blue for three minutes– Good connection between router and satellite.
  3. Amber for three minutes- Fair connection between router and satellite.
  4. Magenta- Satellite failed to sync with Orbi wifi Router(link)
  5. Off– Satellite synced successfully

One more excelling NETGEAR Orbi Tri-band Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi System (RBK23)

  • It will create a blanket of Mesh Wi-Fi network, on to your entire home to serve you with a super-fast and lag-free, wall-to-wall Wi-Fi.
  • When you will start using this excellent Mesh router, you will surely goanna lost in its features and would change your earlier dull routers.
  • It provides you, the maximum speed with minimum interference.
  • When we come to the area coverage, then it can go up to 4500 sq. ft. with a consistent speed of 2.2 Gbps.
  • With www.orbilogin.net, it has become very smooth and uncomplicated to configure your router.
  • It has the world’s best anti-virus and data-stealing protection, named NETGEAR Armour.

Connect your Orbi Mesh System to access www.orbilogin.com before Setup Wizard

  1. Before Setup, powers cycle your network. (Modem, Existing Router if any)
  2. Connect Ethernet cable from modem to the internet port of your Orbi router.
  3. Plug the power into the Orbi Router.
  4. Press the On/Off button for LED to come up.
  5. Now check if you have internet LED solid.
  6. Connect to the Orbi Wireless network. Find the default password under the Orbi router on the label.
  7. Once connected visit orbilogin.net/www.orbilogin.com
  8. Follow the instructions on the Orbi genie page.
  9. You can add satellites also on the same page.
Orbi SRS60

Sync Orbi Satellites with Orbi Router

  1. Place the satellite in the same room where you placed the router for the sync process.
  2. Plug the power to your satellite.
  3. Press the Power On/Off button.
  4. The satellite’s ring LED will turn to solid white or magenta.
  5. Press the sync button on the router and within 2 minutes press sync button on the satellite.

 The satellite’s ring LED pulses white, then lights will do one of the following colors for about three minutes and then turns off.

  • Blue– This means router and satellite are synced successfully and the connection is good.
  • Amber– This means router and satellite are synced successfully but the connection is fair. Move the satellite closer to the Orbi router.

Orbi Wi-Fi System (RBK50) AC3000

  • It can cover from a small to large homes even up to 5 thousand square feet area.
  • It also includes a Wi-Fi router and a satellite. There is no modem inside it.
  • The user can purchase and mingle up any compatible modems, available in the market.
  • It does not matter, how many devices you are running with your RBK50 router, still, it will give you a balanced speed and buffer-free browsing.
  • Setup and customization is very sophisticated with Orbilogin.com
  • Now your streaming and online playing will be much faster up to 3 Gaps and combined Wi-Fi speed.
  • You can wander all-around your home without bothering about the drop of signal issues.

It has the authority to work with all prevailing internet service providers, like AT&T, Verizon FiOS, and many more such providers

Frequently Asked Question

How do I connect an Orbi AX6000 (RBK852) to an existing router?

This is a frequently asked questions by various users of the Orbi RBK842 model. Here we are going to reveal the solution to this to-notching question. When you try to configure your Orbi router as an access point will enable you to handle your Orbi router’s Wi-Fi in spite of the Wi-Fi in your previous router.

  • To get associated with your existing router from the Orbi AX6000 (RBK852) Take an Ethernet cable and insert one of its tips, into your existing router’s LAN port and another tip into your new Orbi AX6000 (RBK852) router.
  • Then you have to launch a gateway or the portal from your browser and type the web interface www.orbilogin.net to view your login page.
  • Then you must enter your default or the modified user name and password to reach up to the HOME page.

Select the following Keys from the menu bar, one after another.

  • (go for AP mode radio button)

Now your existing router will automatically assign the IP address to your new Orbi router which is on AP mode. Then you have to ENABLE fixed IP settings on this device.

How to set up your AX6000 (RBK853) router’s satellite

  • To install and customize your Orbi RBK 50 router, the initial step is to remove the modem and replace the backup batteries.
  • Secondly, you need to plug the modem at the back of it.
  • Associate your modem to the yellow port of your router, with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • Hook your Orbi router to the power outlet of your room.
  • Wait for the LED light to be turned into solid white. If you feel that the LED light is not turning on, then press the power button once, to continue.
  • Try to stable the Orbi satellite in the centre of your house, in order to gain a better range.
  • Now, you must connect the Orbi satellite to a power resource.
  • Similarly like your router, there will be an LED light, wait until it turns into solid white, then pulse white, and then pulse magenta. If not, then you can press the power on button on your router to light it up.
  • As the LED light of your Orbi Satellite’s ring turns into magenta colour, then it will lit for 10 more seconds, showing the solid blue, solid magenta and Solid amber. But the solid blue light indicates a strong and good connection.

Now the most important step is to relate your computer with the Orbi router or Satellite with the cable, called Ethernet. Click and unlock a web browser that you will be having on your mobile or computer. At the addy, type www.orbilogin.com, before you get the login page, type the default user name and password (it will be at the back of the router, on the label). You can also configure your router using the Orbi app.

How do I modify the network name and password of my Orbi (RBK842) AX5700?

Now we are letting you toward the solutions to your above-mentioned question that is “How can you change or modify the existing network’s name and password?” Moving towards the solution, it is recommended that you must have your previous or the default user name and password. Pitch a web browser as per your convenience and at the URL locus. Place the interface Netgear Orbi Login to continue.

  • The moment, you would enter the web interface, a login window will be displayed in front of your eyes.
  • Enter your default username that is ADMIN, and your default password that is PASSWORD. These are the sensitive case, so you must be very careful while entering these credentials (both should be in lower case).
  • Congrats! You have got the basic home page. At the basic homepage, select WIRELESS from the menu bar at the left of the screen.
  • In the field, where you see the SSID has been written over, type a new and unique SSID name.
  • Now, type your new password as well just beside the PASSWORD key.
  • Then, you need to press the apply button and thus your settings or modifications will be saved.
  • After resetting the new username and password, do not forget to reconnect with your Orbi devices.