Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) answered regarding the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi Mesh System:

  • How do I access the admin page for my Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi Mesh System?

    The user can simply go to and enter the default information when prompted to login to the Netgear Orbi.

  • What is the default IP address for my Netgear Orbi?

    The default IP address for most of the Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi Mesh Systems is or

  • How can I change the username and password for my Netgear Orbi?

    The user can change the default username and password for Netgear Orbi by logging in to the Mesh System using web domain.

  • Can I setup just one username and password for all my Netgear Orbi?

    Yes, you can have just one username and password for the Wi-Fi Mesh System.

  • How do I make sure that automatic firmware updates happen in the middle of the night for my orbi wifi system?

    Orbi WiFi system can do automatic firmware update. Automatic firmware updates happen between 1:00am and 4:00 am local time. Make sure your router is set to your local time to avoid inconvenient.

    Setup Time Zone on your Orbi WiFi System

    1. Visit or

    2. Login to orbi wifi system using your administrator password.

    3. Select Advance > Security > Schedule

    4. Set your time zone.


  • How do I contact support about my orbi wifi system?

To contact support, visit

  • How do I reset my Orbi WiFi System to factory default settings?

    NOTE - Resetting your Orbi wifi system will bring all your orbi router settings to factory default.

    Steps to reset your Orbi wifi system

    • Orbi WiFi router should be plugged into power.

    • Use paper clip or pin,press and hold the reset button until power LED blinks amber on orbi router.

How can I connect Orbi Router with my Asus Router?

Connect an ethernet cable from Asus router into Orbi Router Internet port. Just check your Asus router settings. Asus router login