How to stop the Auto-update process of RBR50 and RBR53 router’s firmware?

Don’t get frustrated with the auto-update feature of the latest Orbi routers. You need to follow some
below-prescribed methodologies and this issue will no longer be a matter of trouble for you.

  • First of all, downgrade the firmware to the prior released version.
  • Fire the web browser in the device that you are using with your router.
  •  Go to ROUTER’s ‘IP Address>/debug.htm
  •  Log in with the USERNAME and Password.
  •  Look for "Enable Telnet".
  •  Start the session of TELNET, then enter the & IP Address of your router> TELNET is using the
    port 23
  • Now type NVRAM show and grep auto_<ENTER> and a long list of some codes will be
    displayed on your computer screen.
  • To update, you should run the commands, like NVRAM set orbi_auto_upgrade=0<ENTER>.
  • Do not leave any space in between these credentials.
  • Confirm the three configuration are set to =0

NVRAM show | grep orbi_auto_upgrade<ENTER>
NVRAM show | grep auto_check_for_upgrade<ENTER>
NVRAM show | grep auto-update <ENTER>

After confirming these commands, then type NVRAM commit <ENTER>. By this step, you can save
the changes. To remove the Telnet session, type Exit. Now move back to the IP address of your
router/debug.htm web page and launch & Enable Telnet&quot;

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