Why the Orbi WiFi RBK50 & RBS50 is disconnecting repeatedly?

You can solve this issue by using the synchronized button, available on your Orbi satellite. Although, the synchronized button is used for connecting a device to the Orbi satellite or with some user device and for that we have to press both the synchronize buttons (on the router and satellite) altogether to established a relation between them. Synchronized button can also be used to restore the modem connection for your satellite. You can also solve this issue by using the web interface www.orbilogin.com.

Another reason could be that you might be using an older version of firmware, or might have running many Google’s android devices, that will be creating bugs and malicious materials into your router.

It can also happen due to the RF interface from another device in the home. It is a third party generation Partnership Project (3GPP) and is used to send call data records, billing records from your IP Multimedia Subsystem network.

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