What is Orbi WiFi RBS50Y ?

Curious to know about the W-Fi range extender RBS50Y? No worries! We have listed here everything you need to know about it. The all-new Orbi range extender equipped with a voice control extends your internet connection for a seamless coverage to all places including your yard, pool or even your garage for that matter. Also, it works well with any router and holds the tendency to extend the Wi-Fi coverage to an additional 2,500 sq.ft. Worried about its durability?  Well, this Orbi range extender is weather resistant as it is designed to brave the rain, sun, snow, and dust. Its award-winning W-Fi Tri-band mesh Wi-Fi technology helps you get your hands on the fastest internet speeds available. It comes with an easy installation procedure along with flexible placement options that’ll help you save a lot of time and money. So now you can move from indoors to outdoors without any worrying about the signal drops and interruptions and enjoy its LED lights that provide an ambient glow as well. 

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