How to fix No Internet connection issue on Orbi WiFi System?

Steps to Fix Orbi Router No Internet

1. Make sure your device is connected to orbi router.
2. If you cannot get internet on the device check your internet connection.
3. Open any browser on connected device.
4. Visit /
5. Login page will appear. Use “admin” for username and “password” for Password
6. Click the ADVANCED tab.
7. Look for IP address for Internet Port.
If is shown, orbi router was not able to obtain IP. Ask your internet provider to recognize your orbi and obtain IP.
• Ask your ISP to know what kind of connection it is. If it’s PPPoE then ask for the login information or any kind of login needed.
•MAC cloning resolves no internet connection issue.
8. Power cycle your Orbi Router and Satellite.

1 thought on “How to fix No Internet connection issue on Orbi WiFi System?”

  1. The cord connection is broken. It is a round plug in and it has split. I need a new AC adaptor. The # on the plug is:
    332-11008-01 It is an Orbi Satellite RBS20 and the serial # is: 5DL7885A16DE2
    None of the numbers match on the plugs I see that I can order. Do the numbers have to match or tell me where I can go to order a new plug. Thank you.

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