All New Orbi SRK60 & SRC60

 Netgear Orbi wireless routers are favorite for all because of his technology, advanced features, and launches new products from time to time. It gives user full coverage and fast networking which benefits the customers, and also especially businessman, its installation is very simple and fast which makes Netgear Orbi wifi routers makes new launches day today. Now they introduce Orbi Pro Tri-Band wifi system AC3000 and also introduces Orbi Pro Ceiling ADD ON satellite SAC60, Orbi Pro WiFi satellite  SRS60, Orbi Outdoor Satellite RBS50Y.

            The Orbi pro committed to high speed, of internet service to wifi services, it also connects with your modem, and The Orbi pro satellites give an extension to the wifi signal to all areas of your home.


  • It covers the maximum area of your home, it covers up to 5000square feet and gives you fast wifi with wifi router and satellite, it is useful for small to big businessman
  • WIFInetworks is very secure, it comes with simple traffic separations, means it is accessed differently by guest, employees, and admin
  • Orbi gives uninterrupted network to all attached devices,
  • Very easy to set up and use, with the help of the insight app, you easily manage your networks
  • Its data sending speed is 1.7Gbps
  • Easy to fit anywhere in the home.


  • It comes with 3000Mbps,means (1733+866+400)
  • Tri-band technology
  • It comes with Insight app, which helps the user to use easy and from anywhere
  • Orbi Pro ceiling addon satellite(SRC60), This product has many advanced features like
  • It is tri-band AC3000 Mesh wifi extends satellites.
  • It covers a maximum area of your home or business, it covers 2500square feet addition to the  existing ORBI PRO
  • With the same connection, you can do unlimited roaming
  • It has monitor by NETGEAR Insight app, you also access cloud monitoring and also manage with the help of Netgear Insight app or cloud portal
  • It comes classic design it has slim and attractive it is easy to use anywhere
  • Insight app is very easy to use
  • It comes with Gigabit Ethernet cable and also the option of flexible and single wired use.

Orbi Pro ceiling satellite model SRC60, and the second model Orbi Outdoor satellite support and The Orbi Tri-band Mesh wifi router (RBR2O), it comes with multiple features.,you easily placed anywhere or you want wall mounting or ceiling mount is available in these features it comes with wired or wireless, you can log in in many ways, you also access on web browser, you also add satellites .it is so easy to set up,it automatically setup.

You can also set up with the help of Insight app,.You log in through web this there is also an internet setup wizard ., you also able to connect automatically. It has a parent control feature ,you easily block or restrict any network,you also able to manage network access control list,There are many types of network settings,you are able to change network or device name,you also customize static routes,you also change the username or passwords and also able to delete the default settings.

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