Netgear Genie

The Netgear genie will enable wireless access. The user can access the network through Netgear genie when the user away from the home or the workplaces. The Netgear Genie is now available with advanced features like the tablets or smartphones to diagnose the network issues. It will also provide the Guess control network to access the map to reboot the router. The Netgear Genie is the mobile application that can access both the computer and the MAC. It will be used to configure the Netgear home router.

Steps to configure devices via the NETGEAR genie setup

To configure the Netgear genie is the application for the desktop and for the other devices. The user will allow connecting the devices with the router wirelessly and also arrange the settings of the Netgear With the help of the article, we will discuss how to configure the Netgear router genie by using the Netgear genie setup.

Basic Requirement to configure the devices

  • Wireless or the Wired Connected PC
  • Any required internet browser
  • Netgear Desktop genie Application with most recent variant


  • Open the Netgear Router Genie app to the connected PC or into the device that is connected wirelessly. Then download the Desktop genie programming by clicking on the connection.
  • Open the Netgear genie programming on the nearby PC that is connected with the router.
  • Go to the Router settings and then login into the by selecting the remote access.
  • Sign up the Remote genie account.
  • After that click on the Ok button to create an account.
  • Type the email address to sign up the account the Netgear genie support will send you an email then you can open the email to confirm the account.
  • After the confirmation process then returns into the Desktop genie to the neighborhood PC.
  • Then go to the sign in option then sign in the genie account that you are created just now.
  • To list the devices and click on the ok button then tap on the Register button.
  • Whenever enrolled, you would now have the capacity to tap on Logout.
  • Use your remote PC (this is the PC outside your framework) and open the NETGEAR Desktop genie programming.
  • Click on the settings and then access the Netgear genie account.
  • When marked in, a cloud image will appear on the upper right corner of the Desktop genie window. It infers that you are remotely managing this component of the switch.
  • You would now have the capacity to direct or adjust the Wireless Settings, Guest Access, Traffic Meter, Parental Control and Reboot choices. Basically, tap on the tabs at the best to change to interchange choices. Various options will be open later on updates.
  • In the wake of changing the settings that you need, just tap on Logout to leave the Remote access.

How to configure the Netgear Router via Smart wizard?

The easiest to use approach to associate the Netgear Wireless connector to the switch by utilizing the Smart Wizard programming that is utilized to interface the remote connector with the Brilliant Wizard utility. Also, there are a few techniques to arrange the switch based on the sort of security remotely by utilizing the (WPA or WPE).

Arrangement of the Netgear Smart wizard for WPA

To begin the procedure click on the begin catch at that point go the All projects alternative. Here you can see the choice of the Netgear remote Adapter organizer at that point Select the Netgear Smart Wizard choice.

  • The Netgear Smart Wizard window shows up on the screen.
  • After that click on the Network Tab. Your framework consequently checks the accessible system.
  • Here you can Select the SSID of the Wireless system and after that click on the Interface catch.
  • On the Settings alternative Click on the WPA choice accessible under the Security alternative.
  • After interfacing with the required system enter your secret key.
  • Here you will see the Profiles field from the remote Network settings at that point click on the Save Profile alternative to spare the record.
  • Then Click on the Apply catch to approve the setting.
  • Here you can check the IP address of the Wireless associated gadgets.